Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time flies when you're being responsible...

So it's been a little while since I've posted. It's been a whirlwind around The Shack these days. The old man was gone for a weekend to officiate his best friends wedding. So the padawan and I did our best to keep busy without our Padre. Grocery shopping, playing, going to the park and visiting with our friends, all sorts of fun was had. 

The baby has been eating like a horse these days. I've been using the "more" sign with him for quite some time now, but we have discovered he has a modified sign where he points with his index finger into his palm to tell us he wants food. It's absolutely amazing to be able to communicate with him this way. I recently went and got him all sorts of stuff for his meals. I used the menu my step-mom had for her daycare when I was growing up, I am so happy with how rounded his meal are now. I had a concern he wasn't getting everything he needed because we would basically give him bits of whatever we were eating. Even though we eat pretty healthy for the most part, being the worry wort mom that I am, I just wanted to make absolutely certain. So just to make sure I got him his own items.

The older boys have started karate and Jaya and I are really excited about it. The boys seem to love it and I think it is going to be so great for them. I had suggested for them to go to Robinson's Tae Kwon Do because my old instructor Master Rankins is a part of Robinson's and I am familiar with their program (also I loved Master Rankins). The old man and the boys mom decided to go somewhere else where a bunch of kids from their elementary school go, which was great because their first day they knew all the kids in the class and loved it. I'm excited for them to be going. I think it made such an impact on me as a grade schooler and as I grew up, my Tae Kwon Do family was awesome. 

I'm loving my new job with the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show. It's fun and interesting and something new everyday. I feel so thankful to be given the opportunity to work there. The old man is still looking for work. He's applied to so many places, I've lost count but it's somewhere in the 100's. We got a couple of suggestions for places to check out and we've been sending in everything we can. Literally a minimum of 4 app's or resumes a day. Looking for a job has turned in to a full time job. I'm trying to relax and hope that things turn around for us. It's just really scary for me. Especially now that I'm a parent and I don't just have to worry about me. I don't know why but I have always been a worst case scenario thinker and I get super stressed out about the whole situation. Yesterday we blasted off probably 30 resumes or applications. I'm hoping that something come through. We sent out things from anything to a construction manager where he has a lot of experience to whole foods and warehouse work. It's just so frustrating and depressing and I'm trying to keep hope alive. 

Yesterday we took baby for a walk in old Fair Oaks. It was so nice, all the flowers in bloom, people out working in their yards. We talked and showed him the roosters and chickens and all the different flowers. I really love our little walks.

Today I have a to get through organizing and going through my clothes. I have 3 bags to take to sell at Freestyle or Crossroads. I'm really trying to pair everything down to give us some more room and not feel so cluttered. The Love Shack is pretty small for all of us, it's my hope that in the not so near future we can move from here. Some place we can make "our" home. Not somewhere where I have never felt was my home. It might be a silly, but it's really hard to live in this house where he lived with his ex. I know it's hard for him to think of moving. But I think we would do so much better in a little bit of a bigger place that doesn't require so much work on a day to day basis. I know I need to be realistic and the first thing for us to do is get him a job and then see where we're at. Maybe we should get a lotto ticket... Wouldn't that be nice?