Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Salutations from The Love Shack

Since this is my first posting for my new blog. I feel the need to catch up to speed. My old blog "Hipster Dufus Mama" has been taken down because I felt the need to start over. A lot has happened since the old blogs last posting. First and foremost the birth of my son. He was born March 7th, 2011 and was a big boy at 9lbs 11oz and 22in. 

His birth was a bit traumatic for me and him. To make a long story short. He was almost two weeks overdue and I had to be induced. After they gave me the pitocin my contractions really kicked in. I had no choice but to get an epidural because the pain came on like a tsunami. The nurse told me Sebastian had the cord around his neck, so when they told me to push I pushed like I've never pushed before. Three pushes and he was out, but that did a number on my "nether regions". Needless to say I required a ton of stitches and also a blood transfusion due to the loss of blood. I had a hell of a recovery even after getting home. I can tell you I am so blessed to have my old man in my life. He took care of me, the kids and visiting family while I was unable to walk for a month. To this day I don't really feel normal down there, but that's for a different conversation. The old man continues to be Super Dad at every turn, it amazes me the amount of patience he has and his perspective on things really helps me when I need it.

Today my little padawan is a huge 13 month old. He loves his two older brothers more than anything. We have the older boys 50% of the time and the baby can hardly contain himself when they walk in the door. One of my favorite things is to watch them all play and squeal. Before I know it they will be all grown up and out of the house and I know I have to relish in this time before it's gone. Even today I was watching the padawan, who is painfully independent at times, eat his apple sauce all by himself with a big boy spoon. When did this happen? When did he get so old he can now feed himself? He didn't ask me if any of this growing up business is okay. But I guess that's what kids do. 

Unfortunately or fortunately (whatever way you want to look at it) The Old Man was laid off from his job. Instead of being negative about it, we realized it would truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend an amazing summer with the boys. And that's exactly we did. We took little weekend trips to a great cabin in Tahoe. We went to Disneyland and San Diego. Both of which I have been itching to go back to. The Disney's Grand Californian hotel is truly amazing, even for someone like me who doesn't want to be around other peoples kids. It was great. The pool was amazing, it was right inside the California Adventure park. Ah, I could go on and on. We loved it. San Diego was great too. Though I won't ever go back to Sea World again. It was sort of like a rubbish Santa Cruz board walk with whales. Totally not worth the money. I wish we would have just gone to the zoo everyday. The zoo was simply breathtaking. I loved it. All the lush greenery and flowers, leisurely walking through the bird aviaries that's bigger than our house by about three times, and of course the ocean and perfect San Diego weather. I was also able to go to Oklahoma for a month and visit some of my family out there which I loved every second of. Its hard to have them so far away. And then I went up to Northern California to visit my grandparents and aunt. It was such a great time. Grandmas house always feels like home and grounds me in a way that I can't describe. There's nothing like it. Homemade bread and wrapping up with grandmas quilts talking and laughing. I love it.

Now summer is over and the holiday season has come to a close, spring is here and we've really been looking hard and heavy for a decent job for the old man. He's sent out countless applications and resumes, with little no response. However, I got an amazing opportunity to work part-time at a radio show here in the area. So I suppose we are moving in the right direction and if we keep doing all we can, things will turn around. The important thing is that we have a roof over our head, food to eat and happy kids. We've managed to plan everything so we will be okay for a while, but me being the constant worrier, I worry what will happen if things don't turn around. For now, I will try to live in the moment and have faith the job market will get better.

Now it's time to relax with my guys and get some snuggle time in.

One love <3